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Modern, Agile VoIP

Cut the cost of your comms by switching from multiple carriers to a single global with local number coverage in 65+ countries and national operator status in nearly 30 markets.

How It Works

Standard Set Up

With Bandwidth

No matter the number of countries where you need local voice presence, we've got you covered with a one contract, one monthly invoice, a single platform and APIs for centralized service management.

Commit to the level of spend that's right for your business, then choose how to consume our services – by usage or with dedicated capacity for greater discounts.

Why Should You Bandwidth?

Reliable Service Wherever You Need To Scale
Cheaper Telephony With No Margin Stacking
'National operator' Means Transparent Call Routing
Phone Numbers Across 65 Countries
Private, Resilient Global VoIP Backbone
Responsive Support With No Downstream Providers
6 SuperPoPs Strategically Placed For Low Latency
Compliant Service For Long-term Availability
Easy Integration With Any SIP-Enabled Platform

Integrate our VoiP services into any comms Platform

It's easy to integrate our VoIP services into any communications platform you're already using, for cheaper telephony from a reliable source that you control.

We have integrations with all major PBX, SBC, CPaaS and UCaaS solutions, so you can get set up in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bandwidth combines the quality and reachability of traditional carrier services with the open standards and on-demand scaling benefits of modern, hosted SIP infrastructure.

We give you the best of legacy and new approaches to business communications, on a global scale.

More than likely the answer is yes. Bandwidth's services are built on open standards, meaning they are compatible with any SIP-enabled communications platform.

We've gone even further in simplifying the integration process by working with the providers of the biggest CPaaS, CCaaS, UCaaS, PBX and SBC platforms to produce tailored guides detailing every step to getting your Bandwidth calls working in their environments.

So whether you're using Twilio, Zoom Phone, Cisco, SignalWire, 3CX or someone else, we've probably already got a guide to get you jump started.

Check out our integration guides here.

Yes, in nearly 30 countries around the world, including the vast majority of the EU and the UK, Bandwidth is licensed as a national operator. This means we are able to offer carrier-grade quality from the cloud.

How does it work? To be licensed as a national operator means we have our own in-country infrastructure interconnected with the national network and our own number ranges. This means we can carry calls straight from the source, rather than aggregating coverage from another provider.

Why should you care? Because it means we can offer the best possible quality, latency, security and support, because there are no downstream providers for you to worry about.

We have full control over your call routing and you have full transparency into how your calls are delivered.

When a provider offers aggregated service, each provider in the chain will be adding their own margins on top, a practice known as margin stacking.

So non-aggregated service is cheaper, as well as better quality.

Why is it better quality? Because each network hop a call needs to make between providers adds a small amount of latency and increases the chance that packets will be lost, degrading the overall quality of the call and increasing the risk of jitter on the line.

Support also becomes a nightmare as you no longer have 'one throat to choke' in the event of an issue. Instead, you need to wait on your provider, who needs to wait on their provider, who needs to wait on their provider, etc etc ad nauseum!

Yuck! Much better to go with Bandwidth and rest easy knowing you're getting compliant coverage as close as possible from the source.

In some countries, it is not possible for us to register as a national operator due to local restrictions.

In these countries, we work only with Tier-1 operators which means that you still have full visibility into the call journey because there's only a single hop between us and the national network in a given country.

And because Tier-1 providers have the best reachability and reliability, you don't need to worry about the variable quality that comes from typical cloud aggregated services.

Our pricing is tailored on a case-by-case basis, meaning it’s designed to suit you at every stage of your company’s growth journey.

You simply commit to a level of spend that you’re comfortable with and suits your requirements.

Then choose whether you wish to consume Bandwidth’s services on a usage-based model or purchase dedicated capacity.

Going for the latter option grants you full visibility into exactly how much you will spend in a month and unlocks larger discounts as you scale.

Considering we emphasise our quality above all else, you'd be forgiven for expecting our pricing to be a kick in the teeth.

But it's time for a pleasant surprise. Our pricing is actually incredibly competitive. This is possible because we are a national operator in most countries, meaning there's no margin stacking or hidden fees.

Because we started life as a wholesale provider, we also have a flat-rate pricing model for many aspects of our service, such as number rental and channels. Combine this with aggressive scaling discounts that grow with your usage and you've got pricing that becomes better the more you use us.

To make the most of the savings we have to offer, consolidate your traffic on the Bandwidth network instead of spreading it across multiple providers to unlock economies of scale and our higher discount tiers.

There's no risk of consolidating vendors because our services are fully resilient and our network fully redundant, meaning there's no more need to have a backup provider for 'just in case' something goes wrong.

In the event of an issue with any of the nodes on our global MPLS mesh network, calls will automatically be failed over and rerouted.

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